all i need is the Veronica Mars Movie

After having been cancelled in 2007, Veronica Mars is finally getting the true ending it deserved. Or maybe, it’s just getting a new beginning—one that won’t just include a movie, but maybe a book series and the promotion of a whole new franchise.

On March 13, series creator Rob Thomas launched The Veronica Mars Movie Project on Kickstarter, a website that gives producers the opportunity to receive donations from fans in order to fund a project. Within six hours of launching their Kickstarter page, The Veronica Mars Movie had met its $2 million goal. 

It’s exciting for Thomas to have managed to break all Kickstarter fundraising time-records, but what’s more exciting is what this means for me—Veronica Mars is back.

Veronica Mars was so unlike its 2004 primetime counterparts. Though it may have aired in the same year as The OC, and despite the fact that it also took place in sunny California, Veronica Mars was anything but shallow. It featured a female lead, played by Kristen Bell, who was mentally, physically and emotionally strong.

Mentally, as in, she cared about grades and college and things beyond the sales at J. Crew. 

Physically, as in, she could fight off psychos, strangers, stalkers, rapists, etc., while only occasionally needing to rely on the taser she carried in her backpack, or her dog, suitably named Backup, who liked to tag along on missions.

Emotionally, as in, her best friend was just murdered, a month later she was raped, her friends iced her out, her father was fired, her mom left and the boy she thinks is the love of her life (spoiler alert: he’s not), may or may not be her brother, yet she still stays strong and independent.

That being said, Veronica isn’t perfect, nor is she boring. In fact, she’s hilarious and always biting out sarcastic and witty one-liners. 

The show didn’t get cancelled due to a lack of quality or lack of fans; it got cancelled because its network, UPN, became obsolete, and its new network, The CW was more interested in finding America’s Next Top Model (but really, how many do we need?), letting 90210 carry out its miserable storyline for five seasons (again, how many do we need?), and lastly, they’re just so obsessed with creating TV shows for every supernatural thing out there. We get it—America likes vampires, but HOW MANY DO WE NEED? 

I think it goes without saying that I have some built up resentment about Veronica Mars being cancelled. It didn’t help that the special features of the season three DVD box set showed a sneak peak of season four (the one that never made it to TV) and Veronica was being all cool at the FBI, and is it so wrong of me to want to know if she ended up with Logan Echolls? Or did Duncan come back? Or did Piz steal her away? (If it’s either of the latter two, then I’m glad it got cancelled.) 

It’s really cute and all that Kristen Bell has found love with Dax Shepherd and that in about three months, the second cutest baby ever will be born, but, like, I don’t care about them! I want to know what happened to Veronica and Logan. I mean, you don’t date your ex-boyfriend’s best friend, who also happens to be your dead best friend’s (ex)boyfriend, who is also the son of the man who tried to murder you, unless it’s real love, right? 


In the same sense, you don’t help your classmates by going undercover, solving crimes, finding lost friends or helping to right the wrong (all for just minimum pay—probably just to help pay her SideKick bill) unless you’re a really cool person. Also really nice. But mostly so cool. 

The show also helped launched the careers of Leighton Meester, Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried (who played the dead best friend, brought back through flashbacks), Enrico Colantoni (Flash Point’s ringleader), Krysten Ritter, and it even re-launched Alyson Hannigan, Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin’s careers. Though Thomas is trying to get some of these actors back for the movie (mainly Ritter), some have already suffered untimely deaths (their characters that is, not the actors).

Hamlin played Seyfried’s murderer and when Veronica discovered this, he tried to kill her by locking her in a freezer and setting fire to it. He obviously failed because, well, Veronica rocks and has a super awesome dad (see—the show also promotes healthy parent/children relationships) and boyfriend (Hamlin’s son, and dead best friend’s ex-boyfriend, because, well, small town) to come and save her. Hamlin was eventually killed off the show and wound up on Dancing with the Stars, which is evidence that karma exists, and also that you don’t mess with Veronica Mars. 

I’m looking at you, The CW. 

You don’t mess with what is arguably the best show, ever—and I say that as a very loyal Friday Night Lights fan—and expect its fans to not rally up in protest.

The movie’s Kickstarter funding has already almost reached $4 million and it has another 16 days to go, guaranteeing not only that this movie will happen, but it will also be awesome. 

I mean, Thomas is already comparing it to The Godfather II, so that in itself just proves that it’ll be the best ever.

And if not the best, according to Bell it’ll at least be “the sleuthiest and snarkiest” movie. And that will be good enough for me. 


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